Elder Law Articles

A feature of this web site is an on-line resource of articles that explain issues relating to Estate and Elder Law in simple terms.

The Safe Deposit Box – Who Gets It When You Die?

Buy-Sell Agreements

Planning for Disability

Estate Planning and Probate
Estate Planning for the Young Couple: How to Protect Minor Children
Will Substitutes
Transfer on Death Securities Registration
Living Trusts Myths
Reasons to Use Living Trusts
Planning for a Beneficiary with Special Needs

Insurance Trusts
Life Insurance & Estate Taxes
Long-Term Care Insurance

Mandatory IRA Withdrawals
IRA Payouts After Death
Penalty-Free IRA Payouts
IRA Rollover Pitfalls

Lifetime Gifts
Making Lifetime Gifts

Medicaid and Nursing Home Asset Protection
Medicaid Planning
Criminal Penalties on Medicaid Attorneys
Preserving Your Home
Asset Protection for the Spouse
Income Protection for the Spouse

Powers of Attorney
Health Care Powers of Attorney and Living Wills
New PA Law on Powers of Attorney
Durable Powers of Attorney
More About Powers of Attorney

Prenuptial Agreements
Prenuptial Agreements

Social Security and Medicare
2017 Social Security and Medicare Changes

Estate and Inheritance Tax
Is the Death Tax Dead?
Tax-Free Home Sales
Life Insurance & Estate Taxes
Basic Federal Estate Tax Planning/Reducing Federal Estate Taxes
Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax
Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax: The Marital Exemption

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